The Garden of (not) Forgetting 

Multimedia installation / Kunsthaus Hamburg / with Eda Aslan

A sequence from The Garden of (not) Forgetting shares the essence of the Botanical Garden from various layers of memory. "Whispers" remembers the struggle and determination of the founders of the garden, German-Jewish scientists for pursuing their practice in exile. "Seeds" is witnessing how the exile land became new earth for rooting both for plants and for professors. On the very last layer, "Traces" is the record of the last year of Alfred Heilbronn Botanical Garden before it is forced to be forgotten.

Whisper, Seeds, Traces was produced as part of The Garden of (not) Forgetting artistic. research process and later became part of the exhibition.

Exhibited as part of Futureless Memory Exhibition curated by Katja Schnöder, concepted by Dilek Winchester