Plankton Project: Gölge Seferihisar

Architecture, urban design workshop / Multiple cities in Anatolia / with Plantok Project

In 2016, the central government of Turkey changed the status of the villages and imposed them to be considered as neighborhoods within the urban area. Gölge (shadow) Seferihisar is a design workshop in search of a critical and creative thinking process on the urban concept of ‘public space’ in a rural area. The workshop happened in Turgut Village in the Seferihisar region on the Eagean Coast of Turkey.

Through explorative walks and meetings in the village looking for the encounters, the group brought observeation on daily routines and needs. This search followed by creating a material pool found from surroundings. The group developed a design concept for there spots on the location where locals use daily and want to elevate thorugh the ideas of design students. During two weeks, they installed the developed public space designs.

Gölge Seferihisar intended to share the core experience of the Plankton Project which is based on designing and producing on-site in cooperation with the knowledge of local users.

images from the process:


Organizers from Plankton Project: Ayçıl Yılmaz, Uğur Latif Çelebi, Eylül Şenses, Altuğ Aktan, Dilşad Aladağ
All images: Plankton Project