Lecture performance / Berlin / daadgalerie / The project is granted by SAHA (Supporting Contemporary Art from Turkey)

‘‘Plants seep into my mind and dream - from hills filled with houses or between mountains, along streams, and through pines. They are always on my mind in the story of making a place for myself in another city, Leipzig. And it is good to be with them in this story. Because it gives me strength to see that a seed can take root in many places, make many places home and come to life under different names: Taklak, Erguvan, Cercis, Judas Baum, Redbud, Arkavan, Koutsoupia, dara Cihûda, شجرة يهوذا, հուդայի ծառ’’


‘’My search still spans a wide area. Notice Taklaks in many landscapes, languages, tales and memories, archives, herbariums and gardens. As I wander, it becomes a story, a story of stories of Taklaks.‘’

Please email me for the video documentation of the performance. I am interested in presenting TAKLAK lecture performance in further places!  

Photos are taken by Burak Çevik, 09.03.2022, daadgalerie, Berlin in the framework of ALAN#3 hosting Cana Bilir-Meier, Zeynep Toraman and Dilşad Aladağ