Many Places on the Trail of a Place

Printed publication / Mannifold, İstanbul / with Eda Aslan

Many Places on the Trail of a Place has been developed to revisit the places Dilşad Aladağ and Eda Aslan encountered and to memorialise and share the stories of the people they met while conducting the research for The Garden of (Not) Forgetting project. The texts are written between February 2019 and March 2020 and published on Manifold, an online magazine and a publication house with a transdisciplinary focus. Each text revisits a place that was visited during the research journey, tells about archival research, encounters with family archive owners, newly formed relationships and negotiations on founded matters. The research diary  reflects how a sincere curiosity became a collective remembering struggle. After beeing published online, Many Places on the Trail of a Place was published as a printed book in collaboration with Manifold and with the support of SAHA.

Graphic design Esen Karol
Redaction İpek Şoran
Print OFSET Matbaa

The view of monthly publication series on Manifold online