Dilşad Aladağ is an architect whose practice is grounded in art, research, heritage and ecology. Her focus lies in examining the historiography of transformations with a particular emphasis on spatial and ecological subjects and the performances of power and resilience inherent in history-making.

Delving into multi-species processes and stories surrounding these transformations through archival and field research shapes her artistic process. She aims to reveal intersections and constellations and shape narratives through them as possibilities for poetic and political dialogues.

She received her undergraduate degree from the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University and completed her master's in European Urban Studies at the Bauhaus University of Weimar. Her master’s thesis entitled ‘‘Narrating the Discordant: Research Exhibitions on Modernist Architecture in Turkey’’ focused on the intention, position and influence of curatorial practices in architecture in Turkey. 

Currently she is involved in various other artistic research and production processes, including the Mahsul field research and gathering program, with the support of the CultureCIVIC Grassroots Grants and Bayetav Culture and Arts Support Program and an upcoming publication entitled TAKLAK, with the support of SAHA (Supporting Contemporary Art in Turkey).

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