Dilşad Aladağ is an architect and urbanist whose practice is grounded in art, research, heritage and ecology. Her focus lies in examining the historiography of transformations with a particular emphasis on spatial and ecological subjects and the performances of power and resilience.

Delving into multi-species processes and stories surrounding these transformations through archival and field research shapes her artistic process. She reveals intersections, overlaps, conflicts and other forms of constellations to shape narratives through them as possibilities for poetic and political dialogues.

Her individual practices and collective projects, such as the Plankton Project and The Garden of (not) Forgetting and Hajde have been supported by various grants including the SALT Research Funds (2018), SAHA Sustainability Fund (2020, 2022, 2023), Bauhaus University Women's Promotion Fund (2021), and Culture CIVIC Grassroots Program (2022, 2023). Her works have been shown on diverse platforms, including Kunsthaus Hamburg, DEPO Istanbul, Franconia Jewish Museum, Daadgalerie, and Salt Research and Programs.

She received her undergraduate degree from the Department of Architecture at Istanbul Technical University and completed her master's in European Urban Studies at the Bauhaus University of Weimar. Her master’s thesis entitled ‘‘Narrating the Discordant: Research Exhibitions on Modernist Architecture in Turkey’’ focused on the intention, position and influence of curatorial practices in architecture in Turkey. 

Currently she is a doctorate student at the Bauhaus University Arts and Design PhD Program. She is involved in various other artistic research and production processes, including the Mahsul Initiative’s project exhibition and her upcoming artistic publication entitled TAKLAK.

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Selected Reviews

Mahsul Vakaları Yield Events

Ömer Mirza Şeker, Anadolu Ajansı 2024

Kadim Üretim Yöntemlerini Hatırlatan Bir Sergi, Vesime Itır Demir, Hürriyet 2024

Emine Uyar, Evrensel 2024

Der Garten des (nicht) Vergessens

Nordbayern.de, March 2, 2022
Fürther gründete botanischen Garten in IstanbulDer Garten des Nicht-Vergessens

hagalil July 17, 2022
Der Garten des (nicht) Vergessens – Unutma Bahçesi

The Garden of (not) Forgetting
Many Places on the Trail of a Place

T24 May 20, 2021
Unutma Bahçesi ve toplayıcıların izini süren yeni toplayıcılar

Aposto May 15, 2021
Fısıldayan Bitkiler ve Hafızanın Kökleri

Art Forum, May 15, 2021

İstanbul-Berlin May 19, 2021
Remembering Exercises from The Garden of (not) Forgetting: Two Countries, Two Homes, Two Women

Middle East Eye, June 6, 2021
Istanbul's Alfred Heilbronn Botanical Garden and its contested history


Daily Sabah Jan 17, 2022
On the mechanics of pedagogy: Aslı Seven curates Saint Joseph

Studies in Ottoman Science Feb 23, 2022
Saint-Joseph: Battements d’une Machine Fabuleuse - An Artistic Approach to the History of Education in Turkey

Memory of a Place Topography of Destruction

The Garden of (not) Forgetting by Arnisa Halili in Trefftpunk Europa in 2020

Imaginable Guidelines - Istanbul

A Card Game Designed to Help Urban Communities Plan for the Future on CityLab, 2019

Plankton Project

Plankton Project by Yelta Köm in İstanbul Art News in 2015
Ovacıkta bir İmkan Olarak Mimarlık on XXI Architecture Magazine Mimarligin İmkanlarini Sorgulayan Genc ve Dinamik bir Grup Plankton Project on Natura Dergisi