Plankton Project

Architecture, Urban Design  / Multiple cities in Anatolia / with Plantok Project

In 2015, Plankton Project formed by 9 design students with the question: “How can we develop alternative design proposals to conventional production of space?” Incorporating the know-how of the local actors and the specialization of various NGO’s Plankton Project produced various common space projects in ‘terrain vagues’ and ‘deprived regions’. The possibility of production with a horizontal workflow was the hopeful aspects in terms of design and geography for future.

Plankton Project is made up largely of students, who aspire to participate in real-life creative processes that are generally left out of the teachings of today’s academia, which concerns itself first and foremost with theory-based endeavours. The team aims to conduct deeper explorations into the notion of creating as a collaborative act, while seeking to derive meaning out of the creative process they each readily partake in as part of their daily lives. (Plankton Project, 2015)

Names of permenant collective members:

İrem Yılmaz, Ayçıl Yılmaz, Ezgi Küçükyörü, Yağmur Hürremoğlu, Merve Kadayıfçı, Hüma Şahin, Maya Başdal, Uğur Latif Çelebi, Hasan Umut Kutkut, Türker Naci Şaylan, Eylül Şenses, Ezgi Çiftçi

Selected reviews and interviews:

İstanbul Art News, Dec 2015

Açık Mimarlık, 2015

Arkitera, 2016

Along with the architecture projects on site, Plankton Project organized  various events, workshops and toop part in panel discussions. The group collaborated with various organizations and initiatives (such as Herkes İçin Mimarlık, Düzce Umut Atölyesi, Mekanda Adalet Derneği, Yedikule Bostanları Girişimi) . Thorugh these collaborations Plankton Project took part in the urban network creatively and critically.

Plankton Project was recognized by 3rd Istanbul Biennial and “Istanbul Young Architects Program” initiated by MoMA PS1.

Plankton collages: Dilşad Aladağ Posters: Plankton Project Initial poster design: Ada Tuncer