Plankton Project: Durak Ovacık

Architecture, urban design workshop / Dersim Ovacık / with Plantok Project 

Durak (stop) Ovacık is a bus station collectively designed and built for the people of Ovacık region on the Eastern Turkey through a participatory process.

Dersim region was historically militarized and segregated by the goverment force from the early years of the Republic of Turkey. While the influence of these invasions still continues in the landscape, Ovacık town was experiencing series of changes through the new local authority from Communist Party.

In cooperation with the municipality, Plankton Project developed a bus station prototype for the region. Through collective brainstorming, design discussions and collective building process, we developed a design that offers a comfortable and non-commercial bus station which encourage recycled, sustainable and/ or local materials.

The inspirational process motivated us, a group of design students, to initiate Plankton Project design collective for experiencing more process and practice-based participatory design projects and knowledge sharing with the local users.

Images from the design and construction process on site

Durak Ovacıkwas selected for the Architecture Annual Turkey 2015 selection.
Selected Reviews on Durak Ovacık: 

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Ovacık’ta bir imkan olarak mimarlık, XXI, 02 Dec, 2015

Plankton Project’ten mimarlığın imkanlarını sorgulayan bir çalışma Durak Ovacık, Mimarizm, 02 Dec, 2015

Plankton Project Team: İrem Yılmaz, Ezgi Küçükyörü, Uğur Latif Çelebi, Eylül Şenses, Hasan Umut Kutkut, Dilşad Aladağ, Ezgi Çiftçi, Hüma Şahin

All images: Plankton Project