Salt Visiting Scholars and Guest Artists Offices

Architecture  / Salt Beyoğlu, İstanbul / architect and project coordinator as an employe of KHORA Studio (Aslıhan Demirtaş, Ali Cindoruk)

The Visiting Scholars and Guest Artists’ Offices are designed with a flexible system that allows individual researchers to work in their own way in very small, simple spaces enforced by the labyrinthine floor plan. The flexible system is based on the principle of hanging objects from integrated rods on the walls, reminiscent of a series of Shaker interiors in the United States. This system offers all permanent users the opportunity to easily characterize their offices. (KHORA, 2018)

Team: Aslıhan Demirtaş, Ali Cindoruk, Seçkin Maden, Ayçıl Yılmaz, Dilşad Aladağ

All photos: Ali Taptık, ONAGÖRE
All drawings: Dilşad Aladağ, KHORA Studio