Salt Reading Room

Architecture  / Salt Galata, İstanbul / architect and project coordinator as an employe of ŞANAL Arc

A serene terrain sculpting nuanced settings for the library collection researcher’s diverse requirements. As a hub of research, study and production, SALT Research’s broad audience demanded more space and dedicated researcher’s place at the lower level of the landmark Ottoman Bank Building.

The new design of the space suggests a continuous ‘setting-scape’ to wonder about and be comfortable for the diverse, often territorial, users. The natural materials of up-cycled paper for carrel acoustic partitions sculpt the transitions of the three halls surrounding the historic built-in safe; the natural birch plywood tables’ coextensive curvy forms generate situational formations so no one seating is alike; and the natural light floods from the street windows giving a sense of animation of the day.
(ŞANAL, 2017)

Team: Alexis Şanal, Murat Şanal, Begüm Arseven, Barırş Harmancı, Dilşad Aladağ

All photos: Mustafa Hazneci, SALT
All drawings: Dilşad Aladağ, ŞANAL Architecture Research and City Design